I'm using Salesforce Commerce Cloud sandbox for internal purpose. Right now, URL looks much lengthy so for one of the instance I would like to setup the custom domain for it.

So I have configured the custom domain under

Merchant Tools > SEO > Aliases.

   * Settings section is used to configure main HTTP and HTTPS hostnames for a site.
  "settings": {
    "http-host": "sandbox-example.com",
    "https-host": "sandbox-example.com"

Further, under

Administration -> Operations -> Private Keys and Certificates

Imported the Private Key and Certificate as shown below:

enter image description here

If i open the same in browser it is showing SSL is not valid and it says your connection to this site is not secure.

enter image description here

Does any one know if I have missed anything here?

I already went through this - https://documentation.b2c.commercecloud.salesforce.com/DOC2/topic/com.demandware.dochelp/content/b2c_commerce/topics/web_services/b2c_import_certificates_for_an_instance.html

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