FSL Resource Permission allows the following - See the Work orders and see the CANDIDATES action and assign / Schedule the Service Appointment to Self at an appropriate and free period using the correct Scheduling policy. They can also see the score associated with this.

Above is the requirements, I have given view all access to the permission set on the Work Order so the user can see all of the work orders. When I added 'Candidates' action to the page layout it is visible to the Sys admin but not a user with the permission set.


I have read this article that gives me the impression that the candidates action is only visible when FSL Admin Permissions, FSL Agent Permissions or FSL Dispatcher Permissions are assigned.

Does anybody know the exact permissions I would have to assign to FSL Resource Permission to allow them to view the Candidates action?

  • I have added the all of the permissions from FSL Dispatcher Permissions to this permissions set and the candidates tab is visible. No I need to narrow down which permissions are making the action visible.
    – JScitation
    May 19 at 9:02

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