When submitting for approval, there’s an email going to the next approver. This email should have a key word on 1st line, it can also show the comment the submitter captured when submitting for approval.

I understand that the approver can reply using specific words as Approve/Rejected, YES or NO to the email in the first line to get the approval approved/rejected, and the secobd line will be captured as a comment..Now, what if he misspells the Approval/rejection word? or forgets to use it..Will the response be lost, or will he receive an error email?

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The user will receive a message with

Your workflow approval message was not processed. The word used to approve or reject the item was not understood.

Please contact your system administrator if you feel you received this message in error

  • Thanks Sergio !
    – A.Amel
    May 18, 2021 at 9:41

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