In the the Builder, I can add the platform's standard "Report Chart" Lightning Web Component (LWC) and select a pre-existing report and the charts display fine. There I am running as a "Salesforce" licensed "System Administrator" user.

But when a login to the Experience Site as a "Customer Community Plus Login" licensed user, the charts are presented as blank screen. I have:

What have I missed?

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    have you given the profile they use the ability to run reports? May 14 at 16:23
  • Yes. Think I've found the problem - report folder sharing. Will post as an answer.
    – Keith C
    May 14 at 16:39

Having eliminated the items I listed above, it looks like I had missed sharing the report folder appropriately.

The simplest was seems to be to share that folder via a "Partner Role":

share report folder screen shot

I can now see the reports via a "Customer Community Plus Login" user that has that "Acme Customer User" role.

I need to investigate how that role gets created/assigned; "Acme" is the name of the Account that the login's Contact is a child of.

The need to use Share is listed in Set Up Report Management for External Users—Create and Edit Reports; it just didn't register when I read the page a couple of days ago.


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