I'm having problems with replace() operations of text that I have in Subject of my Email Template.

Subject is like: A - B - C

My code is:

    EmailTemplate eTemplate = newEmail.searchForEmailTemplate('MyTemplate');
                eTemplate.Subject.replace('A', 'Test1: ' + String.valueOf(Account.Sending__c) + ' ');
                eTemplate.Subject.replace('B', 'Test2: ' + String.valueOf(Account.Stat__c) + ' ');
                eTemplate.Subject.replace('C', 'Test3: ' + String.valueOf(Account.GetMethods__c) + ' ');

System.debug('eTemplate.Subject --> ' + eTemplate.Subject);

But it does not work. Debug prints: A - B - C, so, Subject did not change.


The replace method on String class doesn't modify the String on which is being Called. Instead it would return a new string with the modifications.

Please read more about it here.

enter image description here


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