I created a custom button on the Quote object that executes JavaScript, and everything works fine except for a critical call to HTMLElement.click(). The kickers to this problem are:

  • The button works fine in Firefox and Chrome, just not in IE10
  • The same code works when I run it from IE10's developer tools Console

Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening? And any workarounds?

I can reproduce the problem consistently via the following steps:

  1. Create and activate at least two new quote templates, e.g., "United States Standard Template" and "United Kingdom Standard Template"
  2. Create a custom button on the Quote object labeled "Create My PDF", which executes the following JavaScript: document.getElementById("createpdf").click();
  3. Add the custom button to an applicable Quote page layout, making sure the standard Create PDF is also present
  4. Open IE10, and on a Quote detail page, click the Create My PDF button. Nothing happens. But if you press F12 and run the exact same JavaScript in the Console, it works as expected.

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After digging deeper into the standard Create PDF button, I discovered a hidden anchor element that contained the actual JavaScript call for selecting a template. I modified my code to click this anchor tag instead, using jQuery.


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