Is there any way to deploy Account hierarchy Columns through Metadata? So far I was unable to find the corresponding metadata in the documentation and also going through the Org Metadata with the VSCode OrgBrowser. What would be the way to go? Is it a manual deployment action to setup Account Hierarchy Columns on the Orgs?

  • Are you referring to the standard field ParentId field on Account ? May 13 at 6:08

You can, assuming you understand how to configure the package.xml to include


a resulting file in the objects (Account) folder after source org retrieval will give you the definition of a configured Hierarchy Column. Here is mine:


Now you can use Workbench or a tool of your choice to deploy the definition into a target org and/or store in source control.

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    Thank you, this is exactly the hint I needed! Didn't know this is handled as a List view.
    – Chris.Walz
    May 13 at 7:51

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