My visualforce email template keeps overwriting my link. The apex:outputLink portion is pulling through a formula field that generates a hyperlink

This is what the formula is:

SUBSTITUTE("https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/6302737/Support-Case-Survey?CaseNumber="&Case__r.CaseNumber&"&ContactId="&Case__r.Contact.Id&"&ContactEmail="&Case__r.Contact.Email&"&AccountId="&Case__r.AccountId&"&ClosedDate="&TEXT(Case__r.ClosedDate)&"&CreateDate="&TEXT(Case__r.CreatedDate)&"&OwnerId="&Case__r.OwnerId&"&Subject="&Case__r.Subject&"&ProductId="&Case__r.ProductId&"&Module__c="&Case__r.Module__r.Case_Safe_ID__c&"&Priority="&TEXT(Case__r.Priority)&"&Type="&TEXT(Case__r.Type)," ","%20")

This is an example link generated by the formula:


For some reason it keeps adding on "https://viewpoint--full--c.documentforce.com/email/" to the beginning of the link when sent. This is what it creates the link to be:


How do we prevent the "viewpoint--full--c..." portion from being added to our link?

<messaging:emailTemplate subject="Please let us know how your Viewpoint Case # {!relatedTo.CaseNumber} was handled!" recipientType="Contact"
    <messaging:htmlEmailBody >
            <p>Dear {!recipient.name},</p>
            <p>Regarding your case “({!relatedTo.Subject})”, please share your experience with Viewpoint support.</p>
            <p>Please click this link to respond: <apex:outputLink value="{!relatedTo.Survey_Link__c}" target="_blank"> Case {!relatedTo.CaseNumber} Survey</apex:outputLink> </p>
            <p>You may reference your case details, including solution, from our Viewpoint Customer Portal at any time.</p>
            <p>Thank you for using Viewpoint Support. We value your business.</p>
            <p>Sincerely, </p>
            <p>Your Viewpoint Support Team</p>
  • What you have right now isn't pulling from any formula field. It's just setting the URL to "www.viewpoint.com". May 12 at 22:06
  • My apologies, I updated it to include the field it is pulling from. The link was a test to see if the forumla field was causing the issue. May 12 at 22:08
  • this is because outputLink is wrapping the merge field with another <a .../> tag
    – cropredy
    May 12 at 22:29

I don't think there's anything wrong with your code. Since the apex:outputLink only creates a simple anchor tag, I'd suggest you just use one of those.

<a href="{!relatedTo.Survey_Link__c}">Case {!relatedTo.CaseNumber} Survey</a>

In the past I've run into issues with apex:outputLink adding odd code to my email templates so I try to avoid them either way. (See for instance this question)

  • I unfortunately got the same error when using the <a> element. I wasn't sure if this is a setting due to the <messaging:emailTemplate or <messaging:htmlEmailBody elements. May 13 at 17:50
  • @KristenSlack That's odd. What happens if you put the link in as just text in the email? Does your formula contain anything else like a hyperlink function or is this the complete formula?
    – Kasper
    May 13 at 21:49
  • If I copy and paste the link directly as text it works correctly, and the formula only contains the link, no extra data. We attempted to change the <a> element to be our company website (ruling out an issue with the field) and received the same error. May 13 at 21:53
  • @KristenSlack Make sure there's no spaces or anything before the html part of the URL. If that isn't the case either, then I'd suggest you try a different sandbox or depending on your organisation perhaps try the same thing in production.
    – Kasper
    May 13 at 21:56

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