enter image description hereI am using standard experience builder pages for login and forgot password in the community.

However, for the login page I am using the custom lwc component for login , in the experience builder.

For forgot password, I am using standard 'Forgot Password' which is under Identity , in the experience builder.

Everytime, I load 'Forgot password' page in the expereince builder - LWC login component appears in the background of the Forgot Password.

Similarly, if I load , 'Check Password' page - LWC login comp appears in the background of this page.

When I published this changes, and tries to access forgot password link like below- https://mydomain/s/ForgotPassword It always redirects to https://mydomain/s/login/ForgotPassword which has forgot password along with custom login screen in the background.

What configuration changes I am missing so that login screen doesn't appear in the background?

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