I am new to creating flows and I need some advice.

I have the following scenario in order management: I have a fulfillment order and when the delivery method is changed from ShipToHome to ShipToStore and vice versa, the delivery address must be updated (according to home address or store address). I have created a triggered flow for this.

But the problem is that when delivery method is changed from ShipToHome to ShipToStore, I need a screen component because the user needs to choose a store location from a list. If I make this, the flow needs to be a screen flow and then I can not trigger it when that field (deliveryMethod) is updated.

So how can I do this? For me it seems that I need both triggered flow and screen flow.

Thank you in advance.

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    The nice thing about screen flows is that they can be guided (ex. multiple screens, different paths). If you're able to, I'd propose a flow screen that encompasses that initial "trigger". Meaning, if the user wants to change the delivery method, they either have to click a button (which opens a flow) or they have to use the flow component on the layout (versus using the page layout). That way, the two are linked - the user will change the delivery type and your flow can check that value and decide if a 2nd screen is needed or not (otherwise, just update record) May 12 '21 at 12:44

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