This may seem quite simple, but I am unable to filter correctly by certain times. Filtering "Starts with 1" or "starts with 2" for 1am or 2am will also filter any time beginning with 1 or 2 e.g. 12.00 or 20.00.

Can anybody suggest a better to filter? I am using the created date field in a formula to show only the time:

right( trim(TEXT(CreatedDate) ),9),2))+2,24))
&":"&mid(right( trim(TEXT(CreatedDate) ),9),4,2)
  • What are you trying to do? Just extract the time from the CreatedDate field? – Nicholas Savini May 12 at 16:00

You can use the TIMEVALUE() formula to display a time from a DateTime Field. So TIMEVALUE(CreatedDate) is all you need.

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