I am looking to implement a solution to report on Salesforce marketing cloud system performance. For example:

  • journey froze and stopped injecting records
  • automation paused/stopped running
  • communications (email,sms,push) failed sending

has anyone done something similar? I believe I could look into data views for emails sends, but not sure how I could access the status of journeys and automations

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For Automations, you have to built a custom solution using ssjs. This answer might help you


You can set up "priority" data extensions in another DE for lookup - then use SSJS to find last run date, status, etc..

Another portion to consider is finding email sends/opens/ etc. - that will often be a good clue into what is going on. If your send log includes other attributes you could include those in the logic as well but the basics are here: https://learningcurv.com/salesforce-marketing-cloud-create-custom-report - some errors in this tutorial but if you set it up step-by-step you will be able to find/fix those errors.

Hope this helps!

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