I'm looking to find the best way (any way will do) to get the contact's first name and last name from the Contact object, onto the VoiceCall object. Reason being, in the compact layout for Omni Channel, I would like to show the contact's full name in the Omni-Channel widget when incoming calls or live chats appear.

There is currently a lookup field with Name, however this obviously won't show the customer's name as required above. I've also attempted a formula field but it won't bring in a value. Lastly, process builder won't populate the field upon a newly created record, likely due to the same reason as the formula field not working.

Any ideas would be muchly appreciated.


  • If I remember correctly from my past experience, the reason you are not seeing formula field or process builder work is because live chat transcript record or voice call record (activity) are not inserted up until the user closes the chat or saves the transcript and ends the call. If you already know how to find the contact, Can you not use a custom controller with your CTI to populate contact name in one of the call variables? – anxiousAvocado May 11 at 3:45

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