I want to use SOSL to search for a Contact or Lead with a certain email. I want it to be an exact match but I am not sure about how SOSL matches the email fields with the search term. Given this SOSL query:

FIND :emailAddress
 Contact(Id, Email),
 Lead(Id, Email)

From what I noticed, even though the search term is supposed to be an exact match, this is not always the case. For example:

  • jack would match: jackSmith@email.com, paul@jack.com, jack@email.com, Smith.jack@email.com
  • jack@ would match the same records
  • jack@email would match nothing even though there are records with email jack@email.com
  • jack@email.com would match only jack@email.com and not Smith.jack@email.com

How does this work?

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