I have using Sortable JS to make my component sortable and dragable. but I found the new and old index still the same one when element dragged. The component look like this following sample:

bellow is label-content component

    <div class="label-content">
        <template for:each={contents} for:item="content">
            <c-label-content key={content.id}></c-label-content>

bellow is child component of label-content component, which is item-content

    <div class="slds-p-around_small">
        <template for:each={items} for:item="item">
            <c-item-content key={item.id}></c-label-content>

And bellow is initialize Sortable inside label-content.js component

initializeSortableJS() {
    let el = this.template.querySelector(".label-content");
    Sortable.create(el, {
        group: "label",
        animation: 150,
        onStart: (ev) => {
           console.log(ev.oldIndex); // return 1
        onEnd: (ev) => {
           console.log(ev.newIndex); // return 1 even I drop the element to third index

bellow the image what's component looks like


I was follow documentation on SortableJS here but it's still give the same value when onEnd event triggered.

Hopefully anyone can help me.. thanks in advance

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