I already had a working apex function with various string parameters that I pass via the JS helper. I just added a new String parameter "reasonPick" to the apex function however when I try to pass in this new value via setParams, the parameter is always null when I debug it in Apex. I checked and the variable I attempt to pass is not null inside the helper and is type String. I also was able to pass the variable using one of the older parameters and I am able to see the correct value. I just can't seem to add any new parameters without them being null after being passed to Apex. I set the reasonPick variable somewhere above. Just a string value. I was able to pass reasonPick using reasonId but not using reasonPick.

var saveEventAction = component.get("c.saveEvent");
            reasonId: reasonId,
            dispatchAlert: dispatchAlert,
            reasonPick: reasonPick
            testVar: "Test"

public static Event saveEvent(String reasonId, String dispatchAlert,
    String reasonPick, String testVar)

These aren't all the parameters but they others are all passed in correctly. Only reasonPick and testVar are unable to be passed.

  • add your code so everyone can help you. – anxiousAvocado May 4 at 14:24
  • I added in portions of my code hopefully this will help others identify the issue. – Franky May 4 at 14:39

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