Opportunity historical trending is enabled in our org, by default 5 specific fields are monitored. Salesforce allows to select 3 more fields, but offers only a choice from a few, 10 to be exact. We have dozens of fields, but only 10 are offered for selection for historical trending. I do not see any logic in the fields that are selectable. I am the admin of the org, I have permissions to see all fields.

In particular, I miss fields like Stage duration and Age. Anyone has an idea on how to do that?


The reason why you can't select Age and Stage Duration is that they are in essence, formula fields and per the doc on Historical Trending Limitations, formula fields aren't supported

The deeper reason is that Historical Trending records are written only on DML changes and Age, for example, changes value every day - but only by inspection (queryinq) the record. No DML occurs.

You could use normal Reporting Snapshots to capture (every day) the values of Age as Reporting Snapshots are summary/matrix reports of the underlying Opportunities. You then develop your own dashboards /reports based off the Reporting Snapshot records.

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