We have a Custom Object Survey__c, which is created whenever a customer fills out a Survey with the details they filled out after each Work Order has been completed. Our policy is that our Service Managers respond to every Survey and so we have a Dashboard and Report that shows "Work Orders with Surveys without Activity" so that when an email is sent out of the Survey, it falls off the Report/Dashboard.

This is done with a Report Type setup to return "Work Orders, with at least one related Record from Survey__c with or without related records from Activities" and then using a cross-object filter on the said report to show Surveys without Activities.

This has worked without issue, except for three Surveys that are seemingly stuck on the Report. All three surveys have an Email Message in the Activity feed, sent the same day (April 30th, 2020).

I am trying to figure out why these three Surveys are still being brought into the Report even though they clearly all have an Activity record associated with them. There are no additional filters on the Activity cross-filter; it is purely "Surveys without Activities".

I have reviewed in depth the Email Messages on the three rogue Surveys vs Email Messages on Surveys that have properly dropped off the report and I noticed two consistent differences: All three Email Messages on the Surveys that are still in the report do not have any value for "MessageID" and "ThreadID" whereas all other Email Messages on properly filtered Surveys have these fields filled in.

I've reviewed the field information at https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.object_reference.meta/object_reference/sforce_api_objects_emailmessage.htm but it does not provide any useful information.

This seems like a strange reason to not count these Email Messages as "Activities" within the confines of the Report (They still show up on the Activities feed remember) but Salesforce has acted stranger in the past.

Does anyone have any additional info on these two fields - How are they populated? How might I populate them / get them to drop off the report properly? Any additional information as to why?

Thank you.

EDIT I am digging deeper and so I went into our full sandbox which includes the same three rogue Surveys and the same report. In our Sandbox, these three email messages DO NOT appear on the same Report and have the exact same values in both environments. Both environments also have the same LastModifiedDate which is the same as their CreatedDates so they have not been edited since creation in both environments. If I create a brand new Report in Production, the three rogue Surveys still appear on the report.

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