I have a custom button URL with only two parameters being passed, the record type ID and an ID being passed to a custom Opportunity lookup field


The lookup field parameter has both the 'CF' prefix (for custom fields) and '_lkid' suffix (for lookup fields). And yet, when I click the button from the opportunity, the custom lookup field on the Case remains empty (both in Edit view and after I save).

The record type is updated appropriately, just FYI.

Also, if I remove the '_lkid' suffix, then the actual opportunity ID does show up in the field, but of course returns an error since the lookup can't take actual IDs via the UI.

Any ideas?

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You are missing one other param to which you pass the actual name of the opportunity (when you remove _lkid you are passing the lookupfield name = {!opportunity_Id})

Read this blog for thorough understanding on hop to do URL hacking with lookups

some ID field: e.g. CF00…. This corresponds to the ID of the field that you want to be prepopulated. This will always be the text that is displayed in the box.

{some ID field}_lkid: e.g. CF00…_lkid. If the field in question is a lookup or master-detail, then this field should be set to the resulting record ID {some other ID field}. Note that in this case, the actual non _lkid field is irrelevant, and not consulted.


Answer for your question


Should populate the opportunity in the lookup field

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    Boom, and it works! Answered so fast I can't even click the answer button yet. BTW, I've seen/read that link you shared about a dozen times now. Seems to be the authoritative source on URL hacking in salesforce on the web right now. That's where I got the clarification on what the CF and lkid meant. But I don't think it says anything about needing both the Name and ID fields passed together, so thank you for that clarification.
    – smohyee
    May 1, 2014 at 20:55
  • @smohyee most welcome, URL hacking has become more a need than a fancy feature lately :).Glad I could help
    – Rao
    May 1, 2014 at 22:26

Just create formula field that will have lookup field reference. Now refer formula field like below -


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