I am trying to get a character count of a user input on a screenflow.

I would like to use this on a validation for the screen flow and check that the number of characters does not exceed 255.

When I try LEN({!variableName}) it returns 0. When I put the {!variableName} into the error message, it returns the entire string (Well over 700 characters.) I am confused on how this variable is populated with data but will still show 0 length. Is this because the variable is not assigned data when the validation checks?

Any help is appreciated,



LEN() doesn't support Text Areas in general, which is might be why it's not working. As an alternative, you try creating an invocable aAex snippet that uses the length() method of the String Class. You would need to do something funky like validate outside of the screen and then display another screen to the user if it's too long, but that should work.

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