I'm trying to create a quick action button to allow reps to clone an opportunity. I noticed when I try to create this I can't select opportunity as the target object. Is this possible without code?

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Object-specific quick actions need to have a relationship field between the source object (object you're adding the button to) and the target object you're creating.

For example, on an Account you might want to quickly create an Opportunity that is related to the Account. This is possible with a quick action as the Opportunity has a relationship to Account that it utilizes.

In your scenario, it sounds like you don't have a relationship field on Opportunity to itself (ex. Related_Opportunity__c). Without that, you can't actually create a quick action to create opportunity records from an opportunity. You might not want a quick action, anyway, if you don't have a need to relate the created record to the original record.

There's other options

  1. The standard clone button you can drag onto the layout. Might want to test how it functions to meet your need.
  2. Screen flow or auto-launch flow through a custom button if you know what you're going to copy. This is still admin-friendly even though it's not a quick action.

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