I have an order details lightning component page that makes an api call in the init action call to get all the order details (a giant 2k line json object).

Once that page loads, there's an "Item Details" button that navigates to a new tab. I know I can pass simple query string parameters in the page reference (state property) that gets passed into the component.navigate() call (see this documentation). But my question is:

Is there a way I can send the entire json object from the Order Details page to the Item Details page?

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    why don't you use the browsers localstorage for that? – glls Apr 29 at 2:57
  • @glls - ha, funny I literally came up with that exact solution last night :) – jbyrd Apr 29 at 14:02
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    ill flag it as a duplicate, so users can refer to the Answer in that post. – glls Apr 29 at 14:53
  • @glls - fine with me - thanks. – jbyrd Apr 29 at 15:23