I've been working on integrating the react-native module for marketing cloud in our react-native app.

In order to comply with GDPR we have to provide an opt-in logic in the app so the user can agree or disagree in getting their data harvested for push-notifications purposes.

I'm using the disablePush api function which is supposed to opt-out a user (given that the integration module opts-in users automatically by pairing the device-id at app boot). While using this api call I suddenly realised that when I restart the app on both android (by pausing the app and starting it again) and iOS (by scrolling up with the thumb and closing the app, and then restarting it) that the the method isPushEnabled() returns true, even if in the past run of the app I've disabled it via disablePush().

Does this mean that the disablePush information lives within the session of the app and is not persistent in your API? For the time being I'm disabling it everytime the notifications are switched off in the main system and I catch it switched on again (which is not ideal), is there anything you guys can do about it?

Also can you confirm to me that devices are enrolled at app boot by default?

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