we're working on a Mulesoft API that has the responsibility to Bulk upsert some custom objects records in Salesforce with data coming from a database. The implementation works well, but we noticed that after updating to Salesforce connector v. 10.4.3 changes to a given date field that was set to blank are not synchronized in the CRM. The Salesforce Bulk API request has JSON as content type and whenever a record from the database has a date with null value (obtained from a dataweave transformation) that attribute is excluded from the JSON array of objects that the bulk API processes.

After detailed research we found out in this official article that the option "Can Clear Fields by Updating Field to Null" has been removed and this feature needs to be explicitly added in dataweave by using fieldsToNull declaration. Unfortunately the bulk response does not recognize that in any way by returning an error stating that the previously mentioned field does not exist in the Salesforce object.

We also tried to substitute the null date with the syntax "#N/A" suggested in the Data Loader Bulk mode documentation, but once again we couldn't solve the issue.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem? The requirement is just to be able to update a date field in salesforce to null.

Thanks so much in advance.

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