The scenario is, there is a field called 'Expected closing Date' on the opportunity object. When the opportunity owner changes the expected closing date it should go for the approval of his manager. For this, I have written a workflow rule for storing the expected closing date before changing it because when the approver rejects the proposal then it should update for its original date, I have done it in rejection action of approval process(approval process fired by process builder) but it causes the workflow run again. I have set the flag true also in rejection but the user can change the date multiple times. How I can avoid the recursiveness of the workflow rule in this scenario? Any help will be appreciated!

Workflow Rule:

Approval Process


There is one checkbox called "Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change" available under field update. Uncheck that checkbox so it won't fire the workflow if the date is changed via approval process rejection action.

  • Thank you very much, Kalpana! you solved my problem. – jsmith Apr 27 at 8:48

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