I am trying to write something similar in query studio on SFMC. But keep getting string_agg is not recognized as a built-in function name. Please help. Also, what could be the alternative. Thanks

SELECT STRING_AGG(Genre, ',') AS Result FROM Genres;

Same result when using group_concat


Neither of these functions are available inside of SFMC Query Activities.

SQL in SFMC is based on SQL Server 2016, but even that is not a full representation (as shown in the official docs here) STRING_AGG() was introduced in SQL Server 2017, so is not a capability inside of SFMC.

SQL support for the SQL Query Activity is based on, but doesn’t precisely correspond to, SQL Server 2016 capabilities.

And GROUP_CONCAT is not available in T-SQL (SQL Server) and is actually part of MySQL. This means it is also not available inside of SFMC SQL.

Here is an alternative solution for creating a delimited string from my blog that may help using STUFF() and FOR XML PATH().

SELECT a.id,
emailStr = STUFF(
    SELECT ',' + b.email
    FROM [myDE] b
    WHERE a.id = b.id
    FOR XML PATH('')
  ), 1, 1, '')

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