We have a Mobile App using Mobile Publisher

When you install the Managed Package for each app (iOS and Android), it adds two Connected Apps which the native apps use to authenticate with Salesforce.

When a user logs in they are getting a little warning/error message:

You do not have API access enabled, which may cause some functionality issues. Ask your admin for assistance

There is a help article which I believe covers this:

As per the article, I've created the permission set.

But I've assigned it to the Connected Apps rather than the users because new users are being added constantly.

But it's not working.


  1. Should applying it to the Connected App work as I believe?
  2. Is the solution to just add the permission to the Customer Community Profile?

1 Answer 1

  • set Api Enabled system permission to true for the profile assigned to the community user.
  • Add the connected app to the same profile.

this should work. Doing the same settings for a permission set (instead of a profile) assigned to the community user should also work

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