I need to pull a report that pulls info from 2 parent objects with the same child.

We have opportunity and payment as both parents of GAU Allocation. We need to access fields from GAU Allocation, Payment and Opportunity, however the relationships are not mapping out correctly when creating a custom report type. In other words, GAU allocation is not an option when selecting a third object.

Payment is the child of opportunity, GAU allocation is the child of Payment.

enter image description here

I have tried the following:

  • Joined report: The rows are not matching to the right record in both reports
  • Cross field filter: We do not need to filter, rather just display the GAU Allocation field on the report

Is this possible or even with SOQL?

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You can't build this report from the top-down due to SF report limitations, as you've seen. Instead, you have to build a custom report type on GAU Allocation object only and add specific fields from the two parents.

Do this by clicking Edit Layouts button, and in the View section on the right sidebar, look at the picklist and choose the (Lookup Fields) option for each parent, then select the fields you want.

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