Assuming we select for each picklist value a specific color (ie not dynamic assignment) how to query the hexadecimal color value in Apex/soql ?

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    I haven't found any API or table through which to retrieve colour assignments for picklist values. I'll be interested to see if someone else has...
    – Phil W
    Apr 21 at 10:09
  • Is your choice of colors already defined? Where are you using this picklist, as a field on the object?
    – CyberJus
    Apr 21 at 13:21
  • @CyberJus. yes each picklist value has a color. we want to use the color value as a filter in a custom component. since we can not add new attributes in the picklist, option is either add a prefix/suffix in the api name or label name . but for other reasons , we want to avoid this. thus i was trying to see if you could use the color as a filter if i am able to query it.
    – P infor
    Apr 22 at 11:06

The Metadata API looks like it has access to the charting color property of picklist values.

You would need to access the CustomValue metadata type.


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