We are working on two types of OS - Windows and Mac. I'm just retrieving code from org and VS Code shows that it is modified, but it doesn't. How to resolve that?

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Typically, if you're using a git repository, especially when dealing with Windows vs. Linux/Mac, you'll find that these changes can happen. This is typically due to line ending differences in Linux and Windows. Linux uses a simple LF (Line Feed) character, while Windows, being a descendent of MS-DOS, uses a CR LF (Carriage Return, Line Feed) tuple. These differences can cause a ton of apparently "blank" diffs to occur in all the files. The typical way to handle this is through Git settings, specifically core.autocrlf=true.

$ git config --global core.autocrlf true

This will convert CRLF to LF on commit, making sure the files are binary-exact for all developers.


It seems like Salesforce every time we retrieve code from org returns endline changes. Command "git config core.fileMode false" solved this issue

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