I want to have a help text with content but want to change the color of the icon in help text.

<lightning-helptext icon-name="utility:info"content="tooltip content here"></lightning-helptext>

In here I want to change the color of info icon. I have gone through icon-variant and its related style values. Lightning Web Component Help text

There is Customize Component Styling where it is written thatlightning-helptext contains the same customizable elements as lightning-button-icon for the button icon, which supports --sds-c-button-* custom properties.

<lightning-helptext icon-name="utility:info"  content="tooltip content here" class="icn"> </lightning-helptext>

    --sds-c-button-brand-color-background: #bb00ff;
    --sds-c-button-text-color: #f4f7f9;

There i no reflect in button icon color


Why ".icon13" if the class name is "icn"? Try with .icn{}

Also, the css modifier is not correct, it has an extra "brand".

Try this:

.icn {
   --sds-c-button-color-background: red;
   --sds-c-tooltip-text-color: blue;

Sorry, I cannot add comments.

Edit: added text color.

  • i want to change button and icon color of help text this helps me in change in button color but tries to change color through "--sds-c-icon-color-foreground-default: #A0CFEC;" but didn't apply any color in that hook styling Apr 20 at 4:44
  • I edited it and added the text color, check now. Apr 20 at 6:24
  • depends upon your changes as suggested lightning help text button background color gets changes but not icon-name="utility:info" which still have its default icon variant Apr 20 at 11:48

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