We have a requirement to create hyperlink which will take the user to the google maps page of the address.

I followed the salesforce standard solution on creating the link. as per the below link


Also I get an error in the formula syntax :

HYPERLINK("http://www.google.com/maps/search/?api=1&query=" + IF( Property_Geolocation__c ( Property_Geolocation__Latitude__s )< 1,"0" + TEXT ( Property_Geolocation__c (Property_Geolocation__Latitude__s )), TEXT( Property_Geolocation__c (Property_Geolocation__Latitude__s )))+ "," + IF(Property_Geolocation__c ( Property_Geolocation__Longitude__s )< 1, "0" + TEXT(Property_Geolocation__c (Property_Geolocation__Longitude__s )), TEXT (Property_Geolocation__c (Property_Geolocation__Longitude__s ))),"Link")

Also refer to the image below. enter image description here

Error: Unknown function Property_Geolocation__c. Check spelling.

Please advise.


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The field name format in the help article is not correct. For example, where it says

IF( GeolocationFieldName (Latitude)< 1,"0"

You need to put in the actual API name of your latitude field. So if your Geolocation field is named Property_Geolocation__c then you need

IF( Property_Geolocation__Latitude__s < 1,"0"

See the Geolocation Compound Field reference page.

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