Salesforce Note content is stored in ContentVersion.VersionData as Base64. The LWC lightning-formatted-rich-text just displays BLOB(n bytes).

The SOQL in Apex looks like this:

notesList = [select Id,Title,TextPreview,VersionNumber,CreatedBy.Name,CreatedDate,VersionData
    from ContentVersion
    where isLatest = true
    and ContentDocumentId = : noteIds
    and FileType = 'SNOTE'];

The template HTML looks like this:

<template for:each={notes.data} for:item="note">
    <p key={note.Id}>{note.Title}-{note.TextPreview}</p>
    <lightning-formatted-rich-text key={note.Id} value={note.VersionData}></lightning-formatted-rich-text>

I'm developing a custom Notes control (LWC) to provide better functionality/features. I'm currently using a wired Apex method, which is returning the correct List of records.

Because Salesforce uses Base64 for rich text storge and they have a rich text formatting component, it seems natural that there should be a built-in solution, but I'm finding no information in the developer documentation.


The Rich Text component expects an HTML and is what the Note Content actually has, but you just need to decode the base64.

  • Thank you Javier. It's good to know the solution could be straightforward in some circumstances. I'm using a wired Apex class (static method) that returns a collection of ContentNote objects. I'm a C# developer... the code behind is still not so obvious to me. I would need to pass the blob to a function... not sure where to do the decode. Apr 19 '21 at 23:18
  • Based on my C# .NET experience, what I'm doing in JavaScript "feels" sloppy. I don't just want to get by in JavaScript. I want to do it in a solid/supportable way. Apr 20 '21 at 13:02

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