We have a community in Salesforce.

We publish KB articles.

We want to embed private videos (the ones we'd host in Salesforce itself, e.g. using servlet.shepherd).

Using this article: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=knowledge_admin_tricks_examples_videos.htm&type=0 (Use Videos from Any Provider with a Custom Visualforce Page) we managed to get Attachments to the article work when customer goes to the community via https://mydomain.force.com/community. However, we also have an external URL to the community in the format https://community.mydomain.com

As per this article (https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=fields_using_html_editor_videos.htm&type=5) Add Videos Using the HTML Editor the HTML editor for the KB article simply removes the iframe tags unless they contain a Fully Qualified URL (so not relative) and that qualified URL HAS to be .force.com.

We made our VF page available to guest users, allowed iframing from any source, and added both internal and public URL as trusted sites everywhere, but then even though browser does load the iframe, salesforce drops the response instead of returning VF page content because they officially don't support iframing.

Is there a way to have a video player (e.g. using the HTML5 video tag) of attachments hosted in Salesforce?

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Alrighty, turns out that the settings that you need to modify are Security -> Session Settings -> Trusted Domains for Inline Frames

Once that is added, the iframe with visualforce page loads.

Further to that, with the modern browsers you will have no access to cookies so the videos you are hosting have to be accessible to the Guest Profile of your Community.

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