We have three email categories. Let's say IDs are 1,2,3... Each of these email types can have x number of email campaigns (product specific emails) under them.. A user can either opt out of specific product emails or he can opt out of all emails under the category to which that product belongs to.

Having described this, my questions are as follows:

  • If a user unsubscribes from email category 1 (all emails under that category) on 1/1/2021, will I see that user part of unsubscribe report under all product id x1,x2,x3 on 1/1/2021??
  • Your question need to describe how your preference center and unsubscription works. How does the user unsubscribe? Are you using a custom preference center or do you manage opt outs outside the system? Please update your question with these details. – Swati Mishra Apr 13 at 7:26

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