I'm having picklist metadata problems with VS code and a regular sandbox (not a scratch org). I'm using source format with the sandbox. I have a picklist where some values have leading zeros, e.g. "01", "02", etc. When I retrieve the field's metadata, the leading zero has been dropped in both the label and full name. Example: instead of "01" I get "1":


I need to commit and deploy this metadata with the leading zero. This is a regular picklist, it doesn't use a Global Value Set.

I searched the SF extension github but didn't find any issues.

Has anyone run into this? I tried disabling the RedHat XML extension but it didn't solve anything.

UPDATE I tried a different computer that had earlier versions of VS Code and SF Extension Pack, and it worked correctly. Then I updated VS Code and SF Extensions to the latest version and it dropped the leading zeros also. I've opened an issue on the SF extensions github.

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There's an issue with a new experimental Preference Setting in the SF Extension Pack for VS code. The fix is to disable this setting:

  1. File > Preferences > Settings (Windows or Linux) or Code > Preferences > Settings (Mac)
  2. Search for salesforcedx-vscode-core and uncheck Experimental: Deploy Retrieve

See this github issue.

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