I created a classic email template and have merged fields from a custom object called Order (not the native Salesforce Order object).

The following merged fields don't seem to work:

Order Name: {!NU__Order__c.Name} Pay NOW URL: {!NU__Order__c.PayNowUrl__c} Payment URL: {!NU__Order__c.NU__PaymentUrl__c}

However, oddly enough this one works:

Balance: {!NU__Order__c.NU__Balance__c}

And this one works - {!Order.Name} - even though we aren't using the standard Order object.

All the above fields on the Order record are populated.

I even tried fields on a related object (Cart):

TEST: {!NU__Cart__c.NU__PaymentUrl__c} TEST: {!NU__Cart__c.PayNowUrl__c}

Thanks in advance for any help. Looking through some help docs but have not found any solution yet.

Regards, Wil

  • Can you share more of your template? A key part of this will be the attributes in your messaging:emailTemplate tag.
    – nbrown
    Apr 8 '21 at 20:42
  • How are you calling this template? Email Alert or Apex or something else?
    – edralph
    Apr 8 '21 at 22:07

It could be that your email is being triggered from some object where there is not an "NU__Order__c" record in context.

When you say "balance__c" works and "order.name" works - how do you know they work? If you don't use the standard order object, it would have no name, and you wouldn't see anything on the template.

  • Thanks, the issue is that the custom object (Order) is named exactly like the native Order object which prevented the merged fields to be displayed.
    – Wilson Pho
    Apr 10 '21 at 15:22

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