I built an after-save record-triggered flow on Opportunity using the Spring 21 Scheduled Path feature. When testing the flow, I went to look at the UX under Setup | Monitoring | Time-Based Workflow and entered a simple filter:

Object equals Opportunity

No results returned as shown below. I'm sure the time-based action should have been scheduled. What gives?

enter image description here

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Unlike Workflow time-dependent actions where the query Object equals Opportunity would work, for some inexplicable reason, when using Flow Scheduled Paths ..

  • Even though they are associated with a record-triggered flow and the flow's object must be identified
  • The value of the Object field is not populated in the underlying object WorkflowTimeQueue (undocumented, unqueryable)

The proof of this was by changing the query to:

Automation Type equals Flow Scheduled Path

enter image description here

Other queries would work such as:

Created By                      equals "lastname, firstname"
Created Date                    equals todaysDateInYourLocale
Workflow, Flow or Process Name  equals yourFlowAPIName

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