I am trying to use the Spring'21 salesforce feature that is to filter the dashboard with URL parameters. I am using the below 2 links as a referenceenter image description here:

  1. https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=sf.dashboards_filter_url.htm&type=5
  2. https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=release-notes.rn_rd_dashboards_filter_url.htm&type=5&release=230

Normal Dashboard

To this I have added a filter with ?fv0=myAccountName, but the filter is not changing. Kindly provide appropriate solution or if anything is not correct

enter image description here

this is the error message if I use &fv0=myAccountName

enter image description here


You only need to add the following to the end of your dashboard URL

&fv0=youraccount which will look like this ?queryScope=userFolders&fv0=youraccount

There's no need for a ? again before your filter as you already have parameters (and a ?) in your URL for queryScope and simply just need to add a new parameter with & as the documentation mentions

To add filters to the URL, use this structure:

&—Denotes a new parameter in the URL. If no other parameters are present in the URL, then substitute ? in place of &.

Likewise, the value you pass into the URL must exist in the filter dropdown for it to work - otherwise, it displays a this filter URL is invalid.

  • okay, then it's showing "The filter URL is invalid, please try again" Apr 7 at 11:57
  • are you typing this in to the URL bar or how are you testing this? A screenshot in your question would be helpful Apr 7 at 11:58
  • This is my url ending with: /view?queryScope=userFolders&fv0=hema Apr 7 at 11:59
  • Now, I have added the screenshot to my question. Kindly check Apr 7 at 12:01
  • Did you check that whatever account name you're passing in the filter actually exists in the dropdown for Account Name in the dashboard filter? I only get that error if the value does not exist in the filter. Apr 7 at 12:26

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