I am unable to show the related objects of a custom Object.

Working with Case management System. I added a custom object Followup (Followup__c) Added to cases a lookup field to Followup. Added a followup record Edited a few cases and added the followup to that field in Cases. In the Followup Record - Related Tab Lists Shows the Cases I have edited as you can see below.

Now I need to make a Visualforce page that I can further add some buttons for a custom Controller.

the VF page looks like this:

    <apex:page standardController="Followup__c">

      <apex:relatedList list="Cases"/>


And when I look at the Related in the Followup I get the message:

Cases not a valid child relationship name for entity Followup

enter image description here


Simply the Cases S/B Cases__r

 <apex:relatedList list="Cases__r"/>

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