I'm trying to work with Map in LWC. I have three lightning cards(Each card will have unique identifier. for ex: Key from my map) in my component. I wanted to iterate over the map and fetch value based on key and show it on each lightning card. But even before I can use the map in HTML I'm getting below error when my component is rendered.However, map is returning the expected values.

Error during LWC component connect phase: [Cannot read property 'data' of undefined]

Below is my code:

js code

import { LightningElement, wire , track} from 'lwc';
import controllerMEthod from '@salesforce/apex/myController.controllerMEthod';
export default class myCmponentLWC extends LightningElement {
@track mapData=[];

    @wire(controllerMEthod) wrprMap(result) { 
        if (result.data) {
            var conts = result.data;
            for(var key in conts){
                this.mapData.push({value:conts[key], key:key}); 

Apex code

public with sharing class myController{
    public static Map<String, wrapperClass> wrprMap = new Map<String, wrapperClass>();

    public static Map<String, wrapperClass> controllerMEthod() {
        for(object1__c obj : [SELECT Id, field2__c ,field3__c,field4__c   FROM object1__c]){
            wrapperClass = new wrapperClass();
            wrpr.string1= obj.field2__c ;
            wrpr.booleanVal = String.valueOf(obj.field3__c);
            wrpr.string2= obj.Id;
            wrpr.string3= obj.field4__c;       
            wrprMap.put(wrpr.string1, wrpr);
        return wrprMap;        

    public class wrapperClass{
        public string string1;
        public Boolean booleanVal{get; set;}
        public String string2;
        public String string3;

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The method may not initially return any data before hitting the server, so you should check for that first:

if(result && result.data) {
  this.mapData = Object.entries(result.data).map(([key,value]) => ({key,value}));

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