I have a simple row level formula on an Activity Report


But, given these Task records

Id       Subject
--       ------- 
...       Foo
...       Bar

the value of the row level formula is always 'n/a'

What's going on here?

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In my case, the issue was the object field of the row level formula was Shield platform-encrypted and comparisons against encrypted fields are not permitted in formulas

  • The SFDC Report Row Level formula editor won't tell you this!?! You get a valid formula indicator.

  • If you paste the formula into a custom field on Activity, the custom field formula editor will tell you that you can't use CASE or equality operators on encrypted fields.

Your workaround will depend on your application, for me, I needed a separate field on Activity that was not encrypted that I could guarantee would never be populated with data that was PII/PHI. (Only activities on some objects have protected subjects; activities on other objects don't -- but the Shield encryption applies to all Activities, regardless of parent)

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