There are several ways to avoid/restrict creation of duplicate contacts as contact roles on opportunity using APEX triggers. I am trying to build one using the 'Before Create/Update' lightning flow

enter image description here

  • I created a checkbox field on the OpportunityContact Role object called: Duplicate Assertion
  • I created a Validation Rule that checks if: Duplicate Assertion it TRUE - and prevents the save.

In my 'Before Create/Update', it's a simple flow: enter image description here

  • Get all records from OpportuniyContactRoles where OpportunityID equals $record.opportunityID

  • loop all records, if $record.contactid equals any returned entry

  • The Decision rule enter image description here

  • set the $record.DuplicateAssertion field to true

  • The Assignment enter image description here

  • The save of the newly/updarted OCR's should fail if DuplicateAssertion is TRUE.

  • The issue is that it's not working. If I only test the assignment within the flow (as a test) - the records are correctly not saved. But if I let the process work, it saves even with a duplicate.

Any ideas?


There is a mistake in the Loop object. The return arrow from the 'Assignment' object, needs to go to the Loop object, and not the 'Decision' object.

A way to identify this was also to use the 'Auto-Layout' feature. It mentioned the error, only I had to figure out what it meant.

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