I want to have a dynamic flow screen component where I can define what input it wants during the flow such as Text, Number, Date, DateTime etc. is this possible?


None of the out-of-the-box Flow Screen Input components will do this as described.

As of today, I think you have two general options:

  1. Place one of each type of input on the screen, using conditional visibility rules to display just the one you want.

  2. Build/Develop a custom Flow Screen component that more-or-less exposes the lightning:input component to Flow Screens, passing configuration values that determine the data type.

More info on Conditional Visibility in Flows: https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=sf.flow_ref_elements_screen_conditional_visibility.htm&type=5

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    Looks like I'll have to go down the lightning input route as the main issue is I want to have 5 fields per page so 5*types of data fields required would just be a mess to make. Mar 25 '21 at 17:25

You should consider the Lightning Input component from UnofficialSF.com, which has a number of input formats: https://unofficialsf.com/lightninginput/

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