I need help with a Validation rule that basically says if Account Type = Customer, and you want to set Account Stage = On going, you have to make sure first that multi picklist field does not contain the value Do not Know

Is the formula so far, it doesn't work.

ISPICKVAL (Type, "Customer")
ISPICKVAL(Stages__c, "On Going")
NOT(INCLUDES(Multi_picklist, "Do not Know"))

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How about this...

AND( ISPICKVAL(Type,"Customer"), ISCHANGED(Onboarding_Stages__c), ISPICKVAL(Onboarding_Stages__c,"On Going"),

AND(OR( INCLUDES(AB_Testing__c, "Do not Know")) etc etc etc


Validation rule trigger when the result is true, so you essentially have to list off every possible value:

ISPICKVAL(Type,"Customer") &&
ISPICKVAL(Stage__c,"On Going") &&
NOT(INCLUDES(Multi_Picklist, "Value 1")) &&
NOT(INCLUDES(Multi_Picklist, "Value 2")) &&
NOT(INCLUDES(Multi_Picklist, "Value 3")) &&
NOT(INCLUDES(Multi_Picklist, "Value 4")) &&
NOT(INCLUDES(Multi_Picklist, "Value 5")) &&
NOT(INCLUDES(Multi_Picklist, "Value 6")) ...

This would probably be better written in Apex, because at least in Apex, it's a simple string to compare to. Given the limitations of multi-valued picklists in Validation Rules, it's not particularly efficient to work with them for rules like this.


TEXT(Type) = 'Customer' && ISCHANGED(Stages__c) && TEXT(Stages__c) = 'On Going' && NOT(INCLUDES(Multi_picklist, 'Do not Know'))

  • IT didt work, now it doesnt let me save the record if I try to save the Multipicklist with anything other than Do not Know and don't have stage On Going selected, it gives me an error
    – kikalz
    Mar 24, 2021 at 11:01

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