I'm facing some issues regarding the visibity of Leads using Sharing criteria Rule I'll explaing myself:

  1. I maked the Lead object to private.
  2. Make a sharing cirteria Rule using a picklist field value to match the criteria
  3. Share all record with the values with a Role and subordinates

Then i tried with a User in arole below the Role that i set up and teh user hasnt got the edit access, but it gained the permission to view.

Kind regards

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If I understand correctly, your Sharing Rule granted the user Read access, but not Read/Write Access.

This should be configurable in the Sharing Rule definition. Please ensure that the Sharing rule is granting Read/Write access and not just Read Access. That should resolve it.

Grant Lead Access on Sharing Rule: Read/Write

A useful way to diagnose record access is by opening the record of interest and clicking on the 'Sharing' button.

Clicking this button will show you everyone who has access to the record and how they have this access. (i.e, from Sharing Rule, Account Team, etc..)

I believe this button is only available in Salesforce Classic at the moment, so you may need to switch, but I believe they are [finally] implementing this in lightning coming soon (a.k.a Spring '21 Release)

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