I have stopped all the process builders and commented code which were publishing the event. When i query 'PlatformEventUsageMetrics' for 24 hours, platform_event_delivered has already reached beyond 50k while platform_event_published is still 0.

How is this possible that delivery limit of event is exceeded while the events are not even published!

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The error = 403: Organization total events daily limit exceeded occurs when the maximum number of delivered event notifications within a 24-hour period to all CometD clients has been exceeded.

Note that this error applies to any type of event, including PushTopic, generic, platform, and Change Data Capture events.

See Streaming API Error Codes to learn more

I recommend checking the limits via GET /services/data/v45.0/limits/ and also raise a support case and provide them your org ID to get a detailed usage and the underlying cause of why you are running into this issue

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