I consider myself an expert with Excel Connector. Therefore, I'm perplexed why I cannot figure this out. I think it's a known issue that I'm just not finding posted anywhere. I literally have over 80 routines I run approximately every 15-45 minutes ALL DAY from Excel C Connector. >:-(

Custom Object: Webinar Attendance

I have a list of IDs from that object in Excel. I am trying to query fields (narrowed it down to JUST ONE for testing purposes).

I cannot figure out why it won't work. I am unclear if it's the "ID" name I'm using (I've tried

  • Webinar Attendance ID
  • ID
  • Webinar_Attendance_ID
  • Webinar_AttendanceID

and many others - the FIRST one being the LOGICAL one).

Any clues? All I get is "An internal server error has occurred while processing your request".

enter image description here

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Discovered and verified the answer.

First line: Object name (underscored API name) - cannot use "friendly name"

Second line: Id

So in my example in my question:


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