Requirement: On Case Object Custom List View(Queue), we have Accept button. When I Click on Accept Button, it transfer Record Ownership to Current User and it stays on the same list view similarly I want to create Custom List Button Similar to Accept Button and When I click on Custom Accept Button, record shoulde transfer to current user along with some pre-populated values in field which I am doing it in Process Flows(I can not use existing Standard Accept Button due to some other requirement).

Based on below link :


I have created Custom Button on List View of Case Object which calls VF page then Lightning Autolaunch Flows and update owner of multiple records which I selected in List View. I am trying to set finishLocation under flow:interview but when I do that, It Opens Page within Another page :

Here is the sample code:

VF Page:

<apex:page standardController="Case" recordSetVar="Cse" extensions="PassSelectedIdsToFlowVFController" lightningStylesheets="true">
    <flow:interview name="Mass_Action_List_View_Flow" finishLocation="{!pageA}">
        <!-- CaseIDsis flow input variable & SelectedCaseIDs is a property in the Apex controller -->
        <apex:param name="CaseIDs" value="{!SelectedCaseIDs}" />


public class PassSelectedIdsToFlowVFController {
    public string[] SelectedAccountIDs{get;set;}
    public PassSelectedIdsToFlowVFController(ApexPages.StandardSetController listcontroller){
        SelectedAccountIDs = new string[]{};
        for(Case acc : (Case[])listcontroller.getSelected()){
    public PageReference getPageA() {
        return new PageReference('/001'); // I want to set Custom List View URL here but even If I Set Recent List View, it opens page in another page(Display page within page).

Goal: When AutoLaunched Process Flow is finised, I want to Navigate Back to the current list view where I was

Can someone please help?

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