I though when a record is deleted, or no longer meets the criteria, the time dependent workflow queue removes the email reminder action from the queue

Use Case I have a Time dependent Work Flow on the Lead object with following criteria

Lead Stage = 'Open' Lead CreatedBy.Name ='Site User'

Action = Send email 7 days after created date.

Basically, if a Lead is open 7 days after the created date, send out an email to the lead owner.


I deleted the lead on the 5th day, after it was created, yet the email was sent to the Lead after 7th day from created date.

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I was not able to replicate the issue and seems to be working as expected in my org. As per doc deleting a record that has pending actions removes the pending actions from the workflow queue. You can't restore the actions, even if you undelete the record. Salesforce evaluates time-based workflow on the organization’s time zone, not the user’s and users in different time zones might see differences in behavior. You can monitor pending workflow actions and check more details time-based workflow queue here.


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